Business Email Protection Solutions

Do you struggle with overwhelming amounts of email spam clogging up your inbox?

Have you lost important emails to junk box filters?

Your email protection strategy is the key streamlining communications with current and future customers.  Protecting against email spam, email virus, and email phishing attacks is a national challenge for all businesses

Today’s consumer counts on email being a “faster” form of communication and they measure their future relationship with new vendors on how responsive you are to their needs.  If your employee’s inboxes are inundated with spam, then you business email response rate will be low—possibly lower than your competition!

Adjusted dollar loss of internet crime complaints tops $485 million in 2011. FBI 2011 Internet Crime Report

California leads the nation in reported internet crime with a total of over $70 is losses. For victims reporting losses, the average amount was $4,187.

Email Protection from SPAM

Email Protection

In short, email spam protection means more time to respond to real business requests, no more email virus protection concerns, safety from identify theft and avoiding become a financial static in next year’s FBI Internet Crime Report.

Computer Studios offers an all inclusive email protection service that is easy, affordable, and reliable.  No more worries that the “store-bought” solution will stay updated on the lasted virus, phishing and malware tactics—guaranteed assurance that your systems will be maintained and supported by our highly trained technicians.

Recovering Time equals Increased Profits

What is email spam costing your company?

Time to work through your inbox to delete SPAM (approx 15 minutes)

Time to work through SPAM folder to find false positives (approx 15 minutes)

Number of times per day dealing with SPAM (approx 2 to 3)

One hour per day times 5 days a week times 52 weeks a year equals 260 hours per year of dealing with SPAM.  How many employees to you have losing a few thousand dollars per year worth of business time dealing with SPAM?  But wait, we’re not done.

How many lost emails translated into lost business?

How much time was lost to business productivity because of a virus, phishing or malware attack on your employee’s computer?  What did it cost to bring out the computer tech to clean up the computer?

For the typical employee you pay $10 an hour it is not inconceivable that email spam is costing your business about $5,000 per year in lost time, productivity and business revenue—that’s per employee!

Computer Studios can reliably decrease time spent dealing with SPAM, eliminate down time due to virus, phishing and malware attacks and protect against revenue generating emails getting lost.

Want proof?  We’ll audit your systems for free and let you know if your email protection is saving or costing your business time and money.  If your systems are safe, then we’ll say so—giving you the peace of mind that your business will not be a statistic.  No obligation.  Call (831) 685-2500 today to schedule your free business email system audit.