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After Receiving 65,000 Complaints, Microsoft Files Suit Against Tech Support Scammers

  Technical Support Scammers – hang up on them. It’s probably happened to you, either at work or at home: A technical support scammer calls, frequently with a heavy foreign accent, says their “Steve from Microsoft” and they’ve seen a batch of problems (or virus, or malware) on your PC. This is always a scam. […]

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What is a browser?

Recently, Scott from Google went to Times Square and asked (on camera) random people, “What is a browser?” You can see the YouTube video here: The answer is that a web browser is a piece of software that displays web pages.  More accurately, it is a software program that displays HTML content, but that’s […]

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“Apple Picking” – Don’t loose your iPhone

Smartphone theft, personal safety & data security As the technology landscape changes, so does crime. A new trend in crime has picked up the catchy title of “Apple Picking,” which refers to the theft of iPhones and Smartphones, (even tablets), often right out of the hands of the user/owner.  Here’s some  scenarios that have happened: […]

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