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Xerox-PrinterAt Last, an Affordable Commercial-Style Printer

One of the common problems I find is that of printing, especially short-run color printing that often gets done at a Kinkos or Alphagraphics print shop.

Most small businesses cannot afford the high cost of offset printing.  It takes up a great deal of time and money, since plates, color keys and proof sheets are required, and printers usually require 5 to 10 working days for press time.  Often a company will spend $700 or more just to get some business cards and letterhead printed.  Using the current crop of laser or ink jet printers, does not give a business high quality output.  And then there is the problem of the short print run, where precious time is spent just to get a small job accomplished.  Plus those service bureaus are costly.  By the time a graphic designer starts talking to clients about printing their brochures, the clients eys’s tear up due to the expense.

However a new technology is available by Xerox called solid ink printing and we are so excited about printers using this technology.  Once we saw a demo of the Xerox print quality we were hooked. We bought a demo model.  For the last 3 months we’veI have been using and testing the printer, and we’re ecstatic with the results.  This new printer has some wonderful bells and whistles, such as double-sided printing, but most importantly, this is the best color print quality we’ve ever seen coming out of a non-offset printing press.

We no longer have to use an offset printer to run my business cards, brochures, letterhead or envelopes but can keep that work in-house.  Brochures are of the same high quality of that of a commercial printer, and unlike a laser printer, are inexpensive to produce.  There is no limitation of paper quality, and the ink does not smear off, as with inkjets printing when wet, or rub off due to non-laser papers.  And we don’t have to spend time running around town dealing with service bureaus. Life in the office has been made a lot easier.

So, bring us your PDF files and test out for yourself this printer.  We are sure that you will be impressed.  Give us a call at 831-685-2500 to set up an appointment,.

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