Website Maintenance

Computer Studios uses WordPress for our web projects. WordPress is a powerful OpenSource web publishing platform. There are big benefits of  keeping it up-to-date, backed up, and organized – if you don’t, you could suffer down-time or embarrassing web problems.

Why Keep WordPress Updated?

We believe in “don’t fix what isn’t broken,” but when working with OpenSource software, you are susceptible to malicious activities.  WordPress is very stable, but it has been attacked by hackers in the past.  Usually the result of a hosting company decision; but keeping WordPress updated in critical.

WordPress is not difficult to maintain, but it is time consuming.  Since WordPress functionality is expanded by add-on programs (plug-ins), making sure all your plug-ins are compatible with the new version of WordPress important.

Computer Studios can work on a month-to-month basis, or an individual task basis.  Below is a list of common tasks that are included on our monthly service packages.  Individual services are also available upon request.

  • Planning & implementation of internet ad campaigns, banner ad creation, placements, etc.
  • Development of internet marketing strategy
  • Industry market research & website comparison
  • Optimization of website for better search engine visibility
  • Optimization of your website navigation and operation
  • Website sales content development support
  • Business blog content publishing
  • Event announcements and social media management
  • Website maintenance to keep it running fast
  • WordPress theme edits (1)
  • SEO performance reporting & review (2)
  • Weekly backups of website (3)
  • Bi-monthly planning meeting (4)
  • Telephone & email support

  1. Themes built by Computer Studios only
  2. Includes installation of Google Analytics (if needed)
  3. WordPress driven website must be on stand alone server
  4. Pearl Service Package only includes one monthly meeting – client must be located in or around Monterey Bay area for face-to-face meetings.