Protect Your Business Assets

Why choose Computer Studios to protect your data?

HP Tower Front with SkyWe Guarantee it – we stand by our service 100%

Experience – we’re responsible for the data of hundreds of businesses, and we have experienced and recovered from every type of disaster imaginable – from fires and floods to theft and hardware failures

The Computer Studios commitment – responsive, reliable, resourceful, proactive, personable, and easy to work with – always!

Preventative Strategies Against Attacks.

A connection to the Internet can create dangers for the unaware computer user. Being proactive and installing  firewalls can  reduce your company’s risk. A firewall is just the first step toward safer surfing online. Computer Studios aggressively monitors computers and networks to  improve your company’s security with the use of antivirus software and hardware options.  Computer Studios will design, implement and manage network security firewalls that protect your unaware users from hackers and the spread of viruses throughout the company.

Backing Up With Tape is Not Enough.

Are you 100% sure your data backup systems will work when you need them most? Be certain with Data Protection™ from Computer Studios.

  • Are you sure your tape drive is backing up everything it’s supposed to?
  • Can your data backup plan stand up to fire, flood, employee theft, and viruses?
  • Are you regularly testing to see if you can restore your data quickly when necessary?

The information you create – and how you manage, control, and back up that information – is mission-critical to your business. And yet roughly 70% of businesses are still using a tape backup system or something comparable to protect their business.

The average failure rate of disk and tape backup systems over time is 100%! If you’re backing up your data on site with a tape drive, you’re flirting with disaster – the odds are not in your favor!

Computer Studios has been trusted to protect the data of hundreds of businesses, so we set out to find the perfect data backup solution to make sure our client’s data is always safe.

And we found it:

No additional equipment to purchase

No cumbersome or unreliable tapes to manage

Monitoring, management, testing, and restores done by our team.