What Is Business Blogging and Why Should I Care???

How many times have you been standing around at the local chamber meeting and heard the young tech kid say, “you’ve just GOT to add a blog to you business website.”  My suggestion is look beyond the black rimmed geek specs and consider the idea.

First, what is a business blog? It’s a type of web site. It presents writing, pictures, videos, links to other websites, and eMail accounts in a conversational approach.  The true power of a business blog is actually in the software running your website…

We’ve all driven down Highway 1 or 101 and seen the billboards.  Those billboards work just like many current websites.  They are static marketing elements you must pass by in order to see.

On the internet, we all use search engine to find things we are interested.  Pew Internet & American Research Project concludes 82% of American Adult Internet Users go to search engines to find information on products or services.  The search engines, wanting to keep searchers, scourer the internet looking for information to present (i.e. index).

Going back to our billboard analogy, the search engines must drive by your billboard (i.e. visit your website) on a regular basis and “read it” to know of any changes.  The true power of the business blog site resides in the technology that “notifies” the search engines of changes to your website.

Changing your website over to WordPress, like I recently did for Computer Studios,  is inexpensive. In the long run, will help your business gain more consumers of your knowledge.  Expanding your perceived level of expertise is the primary effort of business blogging.

Happy Blogging

Ed Bejarana
Computer Studios

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