Ack! I've got a virus!

Ack! I have a virus!

OK. Don’t panic, at least too much.  We work a lot with PCs that “just aren’t running right.”  All too often, it’s because there’s software that has gotten itself installed that you don’t want.  Here’s some free tools for removing the bad stuff. In each case, these companies are providing these tools because it is great advertising.  We’re cautious about “free stuff” — free stuff may be the reason you’ve got the virus in the first place.  They’re not really free – in each case, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to buy their product.  That’s what advertising is, though, isn’t it?

Each month, many of the Internet Security companies publish a report about the month’s bad stuff.
Symantec’s State of Spam is here. That’s often an interesting recap of the garbage our spam filters have been keeping away from you. (What? Not using our spam-filtering service? Call us now!!!).
The Spamhaus Project has a lot of links about the spam problem.
The US Governments Federal Trade Commission has a Spam Web Page.
The Spam Diaries – lot’s of good stuff here.

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